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What are the common types of light sources for car overhaul lamp?

Author:admin Date: 2024-04-30
Common types of light sources for car overhaul lamps mainly include LED (light emitting diode) and halogen lamps. The following is a detailed introduction to these two light sources:

LED (light emitting diode) light source:
High brightness: LED light sources can provide bright and concentrated illumination, which is very suitable for lighting specific areas such as engine compartments, chassis, etc. during vehicle inspection or repair.

Long life: The service life of LED is very long, which can reach more than tens of thousands of hours, far exceeding the life of traditional halogen lamps. This means that the LED inspection light can be used for a long time without frequent replacement of bulbs.

Low energy consumption: LED light sources have high luminous efficiency and can convert electrical energy into light energy more effectively. Therefore, compared with traditional light sources such as halogen lamps, LED inspection lights are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
Repair suspended lighting fixtures, extended cables, high power, replaceable bulbs
Fast response speed: The response speed of the LED light source is very fast and can reach the full brightness state in an instant, which makes the LED inspection light perform better in situations where the light source needs to be switched quickly.

Halogen light source:
Lower cost: Halogen lamps are lower in cost than LED light sources, so in some cases with limited budgets, halogen lamps are an economical and practical choice.

Soft light: The light emitted by halogen lamps is relatively soft, giving people a warm feeling. Although the brightness may be slightly inferior to LED light sources, in some specific maintenance scenarios, soft light may be more suitable.

High heat generation: Halogen lamps emit a large amount of heat when working, so you need to keep a certain distance when using them to avoid causing interference or danger to maintenance work.

Relatively short life: Compared with LED light sources, halogen lamps have a relatively short life and require regular replacement of bulbs.

When choosing car overhaul lamps, you can choose the appropriate light source type based on specific needs and usage scenarios. If you need high brightness and long life lighting effect, LED light source is a better choice. And if you have a limited budget or have high requirements for light softness, halogen lamps are also a good choice.